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“Frequencies from Planet Ten” CD (1997 Rise Above Records)

“Time Travelling Blues” CD (1998 Rise Above Records)

“The Big Black” CD/LP (2000 Rise Above Records)

“Coup De Grace” (2002 Rise Above Records)

"Thieving from the House of God” CD/LP (2004 Rise Above Records)

“Healing Through Fire” CD+DVD/LP (2007 Sanctuary Records)

“A Eulogy For The Damned” CD/LP (2012 Candlelight Records)

A Eulogy For The Fans Orange Goblin Live” CD/LP (2012 Candlelight Records)

“Back from the Abyss” CD/LP (2014 Candlelight Records)



"Aquatic Fanatic" split 7" with Electric Wizard (as Our Haunted Kingdom) (1996 Rise Above Records)

“Nuclear Guru 10" (1997 Man's Ruin Records)

“Chrono.Naut/Nuclear Guru” split CD with Electric Wizard (1997 Man's Ruin Records)

“The Time EP” promo 3-track CD (1998 Rise Above Records)

"Orange Goblin/Alabama Thunderpussy split 7" with Alabama Thunderpussy (2000 Eccentric Man Records)

"Some You Win, Some You Lose" 7" (2004 Rise Above Records)


Compilation appearances

"Saruman's Wish" on Dark Passages II CD (1996 Rise Above Records)

"Aquatic Fanatic" on Stoned Revolution - The Ulimate Trip CD/2LP (1998 Drunken Maria Records)

"Quincy the Pig Boy" on Rise 13 CD (1999 Rise Above Records)

“21st Century Media Blitz” (1999 Century Media Records)

"Black Shapes of Doom" Bastards Will Pay:Tribute to Trouble CD (1999 Freedom Records)

“Rebirth of the Heavy” (2004 The  Music Cartel)

"No Law" on High Volume CD (2004 High Times)

“Sucking the 70’s” (2007 Small Town Records)

“The Crobar - Vol 1” (2009 Union Square)